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The Latin Lawyers Group: Partner Law Firms in Latin America and the Caribbean

Since 2005 a dynamic network of renowned law offices experienced in international jurisdiction have formed a partnership. Legal inquiries in all areas concerning commercial law, fiscal law, trade and banking law, as well as matters involving corporate finance and restructuring, can be handled through the uncomplicated collaboration of our alliance partners. The implementation of personal, financial, or commercial business objectives require solutions of an international or a bilateral nature. This is where our network demonstrates its influence. Through demonstrated collaboration of German and Latin American legal advisement, we’re able to analyze the interaction of the two legal systems, finding and implementing strategies according to respective goals. To this extent the network maintains close contacts to local institutions in Germany and Latin America, such as local chambers of foreign trade and embassies. Through this practical collaboration we continually experience dynamic growth and improvement. This network offers clients the security of always having an appropriate local contact, in addition to being able to depend on our long-standing experience in cooperative legal counseling. The representation through partner law firms in European and Latin American economic and trade centers ensures an optimal execution of international projects and transactions.