Banking, Credit and Financial Law

Banking, Credit and Financial Law

The credit business is defined by the situation of adequate collaterals of the borrower. The reason for that is the position of the borrower to dispose of a collateral which is usable for the deficiency of their claims in the crisis. The quality of the collateral is linked with the usability and increases and decreases together with the possibility to turn it into money. The field of structured financing includes secured and unsecured credit financings, syndicated and not syndicated loans and credit enhancement. A decisive factor for the choice of financing is the individuality of the borrower and of the project itself. It is attractive to gain foreign collaterals for national credits, that means for example using the Spanish real estate for securing the loan of a German bank. The realization for that is the contractual agreement which needs to be taken as a basis as well as further guarantee of international enforcement. The contractual design of the credit agreement is implemented by is the point of contact for successful processing of the credit transaction for both bank and client.

Financing, venture capital

Venture capital is gaining more and more importance in financing. Just like in credit financing the placing of capital is based on a securing contract. In the field of cross border venture capital business the processing of the transaction also plays a role. The processing of these transactions will be accompanied by from the beginning. Occurring disputes will be solved by arbitration.

Subsidy law

The subsidy and state aid law can help to receive significant financial investments. Consulting comprises the preparation of applications for funds and the negotiations with the responsible national, international and European authorities. A further negotiation on reclaim of granted subsidies is also a decisive part of the consulting. The consulting is carried out in close cooperation with the European Law Centre in Brussels. The objective of the consulting is the prevention of conflicts, especially in the field of reclaims of subsidies with drastic consequences for the company and the management. A subsidy that has been structured and negotiated with the authorities in the first place helps to prevent conflicts.