Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

The term corporate finance marks a special subject of financial management which holds a large number of solutions in the fields of strategic financial advice, fundraising and financial optimization. The core issue consists of services in the fields of support of ownership conversions including company purchase and sale. Due to many years of experience and the cooperation of national and international tax and legal experts, accountants and other specialists in the field of corporate finance, guarantees elaborate and company-specific measures, thus supporting the clients in increasing the value of their company. The financial evaluation of a company, parts of a company or projects as well as the assessment of return-on-investment and strategic, operative and financial analyses are examples of important analysis and decision tools in the field of corporate finance. On the basis of these tools, nitscheLegal offers a number of different consulting products and programs in order to fulfill the different demands of each client.

In the field of corporate finance nitscheLegal advises you on these topics:

Financial strategies

  • Specification and implementation of financial strategies
  • Support for planning of corporate development and growth
  • Coordination of the financial strategies with the primary corporate strategy
  • Goodwill management, including value creation factors and the development of a programm for their optimal use
  • Evaluation of the efficiency of the existing financial options
  • Development of alternative financial strategies, elaboration of the optimal corporate finance structure
  • IPO-Consulting

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A): Purchase and sale of companies, mergers and acquisition

  • Preparation of growth and value creation plans by M&A
  • Specification and assessment of alternative development possibilities by purchase and sales transactions
  • Intensive attendance of the purchase and sales process. That includes:
    • Elaboration of the strategy
    • Planning of the transaction
    • Procurement of possible transaction partners
    • Search for adequate investment targets
    • Preparation of an information memorandum
    • Development of a due diligence
    • Execution of the due diligence process
    • Assessment of each transaction object
    • Conduct of the negotiation process
    • Completion and formatlization of the transaction
  • Support for the forming of alliances and mergers and MBO/LBO transactions
  • Support for the transaction procedure
  • Coordination of the transaction procedure

Realization of the financing

  • Demand analysis
  • Suggestions and recommendations for improving the financing structure
  • Selection and acquisition of the best possible funding sources in the area of debt an equity
  • Assessment of efficiency of the financial options
  • Achievement of the financing by transactions (M&A, MBO, LBO) respectively IPO; in case of investment projects support for negotiations is included
  • Support for the work with investment funds (private equity, venture capital, business angels)

Post merger integration of the companies

  • Analysis and assessment of the state of integration of the merging companies
  • Standardization of the financing and accounting functions including accounts structure, accounting policy and internal workflow
  • Integration of the management process and the associated function including the management and controlling tools and the information systems
  • Alignment of budgets and plans
  • Creation of a standardized strategy and business plan (financial modeling)
  • Post merger: observation of the financial and operative efficiency

Restructuring a company

  • Market and financial analysis
  • Analysis of the operativ position
  • Creation and implementation of a restructuring plan
  • Optimization of the cash flow
  • Recommendations for operative improvement and for economy measures
  • Consulting with regard to the capital structure of the company

Decision processes

  • Business and finance modeling
  • Development of analyses, simulations, plan and forecasts
  • Verification of third party financial models
  • Development of business plans and feasibilty studies for investment projects
  • Consulting with regard to measuring and management of the financial and operative efficiency (performance improvement) has a special offer for family-owned companies:

Family-owned companies

  • Succession planning of a family-owned company. Key focus areas: property and management
  • Value creation for a family-owned company
  • longterm growth and development plans
  • Analysis of the business and financial situation
  • Process optimization in the management
  • Support for transactions