Family-owned Company Law

Family-owned Company Law

Family-owned companies in connection with law of succession and family law present special challenges to consulting. Successions in the company as well as contention of the company within the family are affected by economic and strongly emotional points of view. has a lot of practical experience in that field. Especially settlement of disputes out of court proves to be cost-efficient and prevents insolvency of the company in most cases.

Law of succession and family-owned company, foundation

Inheritance discussions can be prevented beforehand by corporate law related measures. Succession can be designed clearly during lifetime. By effective corporate law related design positive tax effects can be implemented. The international arrangement allows bringing in foreign capital into the solution. Family conflicts can be solved in favor of the company, thus securing the continuance of the company.

Private law of succession and corporate law

The family assets can also be secured by the family-owned company. By establishing an association or a foundation, balanced and adequate decisions on the assets to be inherited can be made. Fiscal incentives and the fact that long-term and cost-intensive proceedings can be prevented are a motivation for the extensive consulting. nitscheLegal presents suggestions for processing the contractual design and creates transparent succession during lifetime.