Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Next to insolvency law, corporate law is the second important pillar of’s consulting. The focus especially lies on international corporate law. The consulting is directed at partnerships and corporations, from foundation to liquidation. The single phases and problems in the “life” of a corporation will be dealt with in close consultation with the corporation’s management. In order to legally secure the success, the economical objectives are supported flankingly. Structural measures which increase the corporation’s success, be they holding or group structures or else a change of the corporation’s appearance, are suggested and, if desired, carried out. The economic success of the company is always in the focus. Especially family-owned companies as well as small and medium-sized companies will benefit from the quick, efficient and personal consulting.

International corporate law and incorporation of an enterprise offers solutions in the field of international corporate law which go beyond the national horizon. The much talked about competition of corporate laws in and outside of Europe is the reason for new variations in the formation of corporate laws. This variety allows us to find new paths and to realize economic goals in cooperation with the client. Finding the adequate corporate structure, taking into consideration the tax issues and dealing with decisive problems of liability are only a few important aspects. The consulting is directed to both domestic companies, which deal with companies abroad, and foreign corporations, which are looking for the right legal form for their subsidiary company in a different country.

Management, supervisory bodies

Liability of managing directors, disputes of shareholders and co-determination are in the center of management consulting. The question of piercing the corporate veil has been reviewed academically and offers practical solutions which withstand the changing jurisdiction. Appointing or substituting supervisory bodies as well as the problems of reasonably distributing the corporate shares present the core piece here.

Corporations and associates

A dispute of shareholders can already be prevented by a contractual, future-oriented composition of the company agreement. This opportunity at the time of the start-up is often underestimated. In addition to the choice of the adequate legal form it is essential to pave the way of the corporation in the first place and not to put energy in disputes. Disputes arising in the course of the corporate life can be consulted by extrajudicially. If an amicable arrangement is not possible, consulting will continue in court. Key topics are exclusion of associates, confiscation of corporate shares, dismissal of managing directors, claims for severance pay and damages.

Management and measures

The general meeting of the stock company and the shareholders’ meeting of the family-owned company are prepared and performed. The consulting comprises the clarification of preliminary questions as well as the preparation for issues that might come up during the meeting. If desired, speech manuscripts and draft resolutions can be prepared. Capital measures are essential for the progress of the company; the risks and chances of each measure will be presented by The raising of capital opens a wide field for the organization. Risks, especially those of capital replacement and equity compensation law, are not to be disregarded. In a crisis, the status of shareholder loans and loans of people close to the company are often serious matters in dispute with far-reaching consequences. Also the assuming of guarantees, as a corporate or simple guarantor, provides high risks, about which will give advice beforehand.

Company expansion, M&A and risk and strategy advises you on all questions about company purchase and accompanies you all the way from finding the target object to completing the deal. The key focus areas are the preparation of the papers, the letter of intent, the due diligence, the sales contract, the necessary negotiations in the sales phase as well as the clarification of questions with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. The consulting also covers the alternative of management buy out/buy in, arrangement and negotiation of MBO and LBO and further, guaranteed transactions. The financing of the acquisition of shares will be set and carried out in close cooperation with the client. It is crucial that nothing is left to chance. finds support in the international area by foreign cooperation offices and lawyers. guarantees constant control during the whole transaction due to the accompanying consulting. The client can choose between different sales models which are customized for the purpose, prepared and implemented. see also : corporate finance

Commercial tenancy law and lease

The expansion of the company can also be executed by renting or leasing areas, buildings and equipment up to staff. offers consulting in these fields from planning and contractual preparations up to the realization. Claims will be asserted in and out of court or else settled beforehand.