Trade Law, UN Sales Law (CISG)

Trade Law, UN Sales Law (CISG)

Consulting in trade law comprises all questions of German and international trade law. From granting of power of attorney up to processing of failed transport over the border, it includes the arrangement and preparation of problems of international trade law as well as the enforcement of possible claims, like for example claims for compensation. The UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) takes a special position. Cross-border sales contracts are decisive in today’s trade. The form and negotiation of contracts and finally the dispute will be advised on and realized in and out of court.

Characteristics of trade law

The contractual cooperation with business partners outside the corporation is prepared and arranged. Choosing a joint venture can offer advantages for the foundation of a corporation. It is also other forms of contractual cooperation like franchising, delivery and purchasing agreements and licenses that can create cost-saving effects or open new markets. By the cooperation with new, also international, partners the diversification of your own company is guaranteed. offers consulting for the preparation and realization of business with a new partner and leads the business relationship to success.

Antitrust and competition law

Cooperation on the basis of contractual agreements as well as merging companies can lead to market shifts. The competition law guarantees a free competition in line with the market. By the antitrust law, limits are set for economic associations that would be too powerful. These limits also apply for small and medium-sized companies. We are happy to inform you about if and how these limits apply for you. Further disputes in and out of court concerning competition law, warnings, injunctions and trademark-related issues will be carried out by us for you. will advise you on the criminal dimensions concerning distortion of competition, bribery and other violation of competition already in the stage of preliminary proceedings. We will represent and defend you before the courts. It is important to prevent the dispute in the trial before the criminal court.