Litigation and Arbitration

Litigation and Arbitration

On the one hand a large number of business contacts is important for entrepreneurial success, on the other hand interpersonal relationships and business contacts hold potential for disputes. Through efficient management of disputes you can achieve considerable business advantages for you and your company. That is one of the tasks of Therefore, an excellent legal appreciation of the circumstances of life and furthermore a tactically and strategically correct interaction with the opposite party, including the courts, the boards of arbitration and the mediation offices, is needed.

Court case and forensic practice

The court case and the momentary confrontation with the opposite party and the court offer the possibility to clarify many years of dispute within minutes. The prerequisite for the successful settlement of the client’s dispute is the thorough preparation of the day of the trial. That includes knowing the facts and an excellent legal knowledge, and especially the attitude of the opposite party and their arguments. That is how to guarantee to surprise the opposite party and finally beat them with their own methods or lack of knowledge.


The practice of arbitration shows that significant success can be achieved in the settlement of disputes. However, you have to keep in mind that every arbitral sentence is subject to challenging by the parties. In terms of preparation and processing the same applies as mentioned above for the court case. Arbitration comes into effect for cross border issues which require a lot of time for judicial clarification. Moreover, cross border enforcement often holds further unpredictabilities. Arbitral clarification of disputes can often prevent a long enforcement proceeding.