Criminal Business Law


Business law consulting also comprises criminal business law. The goal is to maneuver companies that have come into a crisis. There is a guarantee to make the right decisions without getting in touch with criminal law. Supervisory bodies and persons close to the company easily get caught in the web of criminal law standards.


The complicated tax law bears consequences even for persons acting honestly. Drastic audits can have consequences under criminal law. Criminal investigation already offers possibilities to deal with the deed and solve it in the first place. Criminal proceedings can be prevented by preparing statements and by active clarification. Beside defence in trial also takes defence previous to measures of the investigating authorities. The consulting also comprises the taxation procedure itself; as far as tax consultants are available, they are actively included in the cooperation.


Entrepreneurs have to face increasing competition. Dumping prices derive from international influences. Contacts and connections are often of irreplaceable value and help to keep the current business activities running. Beside restrictions according to civil law in terms of maintaining fair competition, criminal law also provides sanctions and barriers for certain behavior: arrangements for calls for proposal/placing of orders, corruption in business transactions and corruption in general. It is important to recognize these factors and, if necessary, to act correctly towards the investigating authorities in case of infringements. There is also the possibility to clarify the issue and any misunderstanding on the level of preliminary proceedings.